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21+ Years of Experience

Cathleen has been actively involved in the health and fitness industry for over 21 years. She got her first certification as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer in 2001. She started to read fitness magazines from cover to cover to learn everything about fitness. The stories in the magazines inspired her to compete and she started on her competition journey in 2006. Since then, she has competed in 9 fitness competitions going pro in 2011. While she didn’t win every show, she had a never give up attitude and pursued fitness modeling in her off season.


Driven by Passion

She and her businesses have been featured in numerous magazines like Muscle and Fitness, Natural Muscle, Oxygen, Men’s Fitness and Fitness Gurls just to name a few. Her passion for cooking and competing led her to write her first cookbook The Bikini Model Cookbook which she started writing in 2006. She is now certified as a sports nutritionist through ISSA and continues using her fitness competition and modeling experience to create new and delicious balanced recipes that get you results. Cathleen wrote The Bikini Model Cookbook from years of competing and also while flying as a commercial airline transport pilot. The portable recipes in the cookbook are created for busy people on the go and can be easily taken with you on a flight traveling or to work.

Cathleen Heffernan on stage at competition
Cathleen Heffernan in workout apparel

Focused on Results

Cathleen has worked with over 400 clients, from one-on-one online coaching clients to bikini model & fitness challengers from all over the world. She works with bikini fitness & physique competitors as well as everyday people that want to be in shape like a fitness bikini & physique model and make it a lifestyle that sticks! Changing your body takes persistence, focus and determination. We understand that this can be difficult, and this is why we have chosen to work closely with our clients to personalize their programs to fit their schedules and lifestyles so that they can quickly reach their goals. Your success in hitting your goals is our success. We are here for you!

We believe in you!

We believe that eating healthy food is not only good for your body, but for your mind. Nothing is more important than a healthy mind and feeling good in your own body.

We believe that how you talk about yourself is the seed of how you will perform and follow through. This is the root of who you become. We love helping our clients to see their full potential.

We believe that life can try and knock you down but it’s up to you to get back up. And when you get back up, you can come back stronger.

We believe that when you put your mind to it you are capable of incredible things. But YOU have to know what you want, imagine it, and believe it's achievable with faith.

We believe that yesterday is in the past and today is a new day. And all we have control of is NOW to make our future a reality that excites us. 

We believe you have the power inside you to build your Ultimate Physique.