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The Bikini Model


Ladies, do you have what it takes to become the next  Challenge winner? Hit your goals and win big!

The Bikini Model Challenge, Cathleen Heffernan

$7,600 in prizes + giveaways and growing!

Bikini Model Grand PrizeBikini Model Grand PrizeWeight Loss Grand PrizeLong Term Client Grand PrizeLong Term Client Grand Prize

Plus, bonus giveaways throughout the entire challenge!

The Bikini Model Challenge, Cathleen Heffernan

What's included?

The Bikini Model Challenge is a customized 12-week program where you have the opportunity to win big! We are with you throughout the entire journey providing the guidance, motivation, and tools that you need to succeed—all customized to your goals! All participants receive the following upon sign up:

Personalized home or gym workout program
Cardio plan tailored to your goals
Customized diet and nutrition program
Ongoing accountability coaching calls
Invitation to the challenge retreat
Photoshoot preparation guide

What about nutrition?

Wait, aren't abs made in the kitchen? YES! In order to achieve your goals, you need to eat the right foods. Working out is a major factor, but diet is KEY! That is why I’ve included The Bikini Model Cookbook as a GIFT to you with your programs. When you join the challenge, you also get my diet tips, grocery guide, recipes and meal plan recommendations along with the am and pm supplementation guide. When you can make healthy food delicious that’s when the diet really sticks!

FREE copy of The Bikini Model Cookbook
Customized grocery shopping guide
Personalized meal plan recommendations
Supplementation guide tailored to your goals
Cathleen Heffernan in kitchen cooking
Client Before and AfterClient Before and AfterClient Before and After

A message from Cathleen Heffernan

Real Results. Real Experience.

"I’ve transformed my life through these exact lifestyle habits and I’m here to help you do the same! When I was much younger, I didn’t play sports or lead an active lifestyle. I started smoking in high school and I was barely able to run because my lungs couldn’t take it. I forced myself to quit smoking by staying active, got myself into the gym, and through years of hard work and dedication became a personal trainer and fitness instructor.

I wanted to know everything there was to know about bodybuilding and nutrition—I was seeing results fast and was instantly hooked! I got certified through ISSA as a sports nutritionist and started competing over 15 years ago. I’ve done nine shows, went Bikini Pro, and have used these winning habits in my lifestyle and coaching programs. Fitness is always going to be a life journey and there will be ups and downs, but the biggest thing is you keep getting back up! I have spent the last 25 years trying all sorts of workouts, routines, and programs and through my 21 years of being a certified personal trainer, I am bringing you my BEST programs to give you results! Challenge yourself now to become the BEST version of you. Secure your spot in the next challenge!"


Not sure what's right for you?

Check out our frequently asked questions below or book a free consultation today where we can figure out which program is right for you and your goals.


Challenge Rules & FAQ

Have questions? See our FAQ below. If you still have questions after reviewing, contact us.

How much does The Bikini Model Challenge cost?

We offer two options for the Bikini Model Challenge. The Basic Program is $750 and the Premium Program is $1,500. If you need to lose more than 25 lbs, we recommend booking a consultation to get a better priced long-term program suited for your goals.

What equipment is required for this challenge?

We're flexible! You have the ability to train at home, or train in the gym. If you work out at home you will need dumbbells, resistance bands, and booty bands. Upon sign up, we can provide you with links and recommendations to whatever you need.

Will my before and after photos be public or featured?

In order to qualify for grand prizes and win, yes. You must agree to have your before and after photos featured. However, you can conceal your identity if you wish by covering or cropping your face in the photos. If you'd just like to compete and opt-out of the grand prizes, you of course are not required to have your photos featured publicly.

What is the workout program like?

We have options! There is at-home or gym workouts, along with beginner, intermediate, and advanced programs. Regardless of workout type, they are customized specifically to YOUR goals and schedule. No workout is the exact same. There is a 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. so, if you are a returning challenger the workouts will also be changing up!

How do I access the challenge?

After you sign up, you will fill out a customization form that will be emailed to you. Since it is customized, it will take 24–72 hours to develop your program. Once complete and all required documents are submitted, you will receive your full program package and we will be in contact with you to set up your orientation call.

If I sign up for Ultimate Physique Coaching, can I still qualify for prizes?

Yes! There is a long-term client grand prize category and this is where the coaching clients can qualify, as well as the community bi-weekly prize draws during the Bikini Model Challenges. For coaching clients that do 12-week programs, they also can compete for prizes bi-yearly in Bikini Model and Weight Loss categories.

What are the Rules and Regulations?

• All Challengers must be registered and paid before any group challenge to qualify for the prize term.
• Challengers are responsible for submitting their before and after photos by the deadlines in program.
• Vote will run shortly after the challenge ends for 1 week, twice per year. Grand Prize winners will be announced shortly after the votes are in.
• Challengers must participate in the challenge workouts.
• You must provide pictures (front, side, and back) to qualify for the grand prizes.
• Challengers must read the email newsletter as there will be key information in them that you won't want to miss.
• Challengers must check for updates in the Community weekly.
• Challengers must use promotional pictures that are given as part of their package for bonus entries.
• Challengers must post in their bio on Instagram: "I am a @thebikinimodelchallenge challenger” for bonus entries.
• Challengers must post their challenge banner on Facebook for bonus entries.